Bedbugs – the new landlord lawsuit frontier

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bed bugsThe Baltimore Sun reported that a  jury awarded an $800,000 verdict to an Anne Arundel County Maryland woman last week for all of the bites and scarring she had received due to Bedbugs. In this particular case, $650,000 was punitive damages against the landlord who had been put on notice prior to her moving in but apparently did nothing about it.

The message is particularly clear that a jury will not tolerate a landlord who knows about a problem (such as bedbugs) and you had better abate it if you know about it. These cases are on the rise, as one Towson, MD attorney currently has 75 active cases. Landlords point out that they didn’t bring the bedbugs into the unit and that it’s often the tenants themselves that bring them in.  Some landlords are even using special dogs trained to sniff out bedbugs to do pre-inspections of units and others are having pest control companies inspect prior to tenants moving in.

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