Beware of the Uninsured Roofer

 In Baltimore Commercial Insurance, Baltimore Maryland Insurance Agency, Builders Risk Insurance, Steve Luray

uninsured rooferWell, it happened again. My first call at the insurance office one day last week, was from a client whose property had just burned down.  They had bought it to wholesale and now their investment was GONE.  You see, the roofer they hired put his cigarette on the window sill while working on the roof. Sure enough, the building caught fire.

They just learned that the roofer had “let his insurance lapse” as it was expensive and he just didn’t have the money last month. Sadly, this is the second time this has happened to clients of mine during the past year. Lucky for my clients, they had purchased an inexpensive Builder’s Risk Policy from me for under $400 which protected their financial investment of over $100,000. Better to be safe than sorry!!!

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