Builders Risk Insurance Theft Coverage

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Builders Risk Insurance Theft Coverage Explained By Steve Luray

Well, it happened again the other day. Sure enough I got a call from somebody looking for insurance. He wasn’t happy with his current agent. You see, his property had been broken into while he was rehabbing it, and he called to file a claim with his insurance agent to find out that he did not have theft coverage in his builder’s risk policy. Why would you ever buy a builder’s risk policy without theft coverage? Eight out of 10 of the claims I get for builder’s risk insurance are theft claims.

Yes, with builders risk insurance sometimes it runs an extra $25 a month to have the policy, to have that specific endorsement, but I’ve seen it pay off just many times when you’re broken in. Normally limited to about $5,000 in coverage unless you get the real high-end insurance, which has a lot more coverage in it, but I’ve seen newbies come in that are flipping houses and calculate the cost, that it eats into the profit of their deal so they don’t get the coverage for $25. Then they get broken into and they find that they didn’t have the coverage and that $25 would have saved them easily $5,000. As a Result of not having it, they lose more money than needed.

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