Debris and Tree Removal – What’s Really Covered on your Maryland Homeowners and Rental Property Insurance Policies?

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treedownBeing an insurance agent here in Maryland, where we’ve had a wicked Winter (and strong Summer storms over the past couple of years as well), I have received a LOT of claims calls lately from my homeowner insurance and rental property insurance customers. The question always comes up about downed trees and the dreaded cost of the tree(debris) removal. Why are some claims covered and others are not?

The simple answer, in general, is “Where did the tree fall?”… If the tree fell on your house, car, driveway, fencing, maybe even the main road, depending on your coverage form, you may have coverage for the tree/debris removal (up to the limits specified in your policy). If the tree just fell and hasn’t hit anything, there probably isn’t any coverage. Trees are a living thing and die and fall all the time. Insurance policies are not designed to pay for tree removal every time one dies and falls over. It needs to be a covered loss within the insurance policy to have coverage.

Contact us at Luray Insurance to discuss structuring your Maryland homeowners insurance or rental property insurance policy for the maximum coverage with the least cost.  We want to make sure you’re not stuck cleaning up the muck!

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