Great news!! – Pit Bulls are no longer “Inherently Dangerous”

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Law makes no breed of dog "inherently dangerous"Tuesday April 8, 2014 was a GREAT day for dog lovers in the state of Maryland. That was the day that Governor Martin O’Malley signed a new law that overturned the 2012 Maryland Court of Appeals decision that Pit Bulls were considered “inherently dangerous”. It took the legislature 2 years to agree on a bill which is now law. The same legal standard will now apply to all dogs.

This is a victory for landlords as well who were being held liable for their tenant’s dogs, even if they didn’t know about them and their lease prohibited them. The 2012 legal decision had “opened the door’ to such lawsuits and people were being forced to choose between a place to live and their pets. Animal advocates spoke passionately about people who had to surrender their pets to animal shelters just because of that ruling. Yep, it was a great day for the dogs!!!

On a side note, insurance is still available for aggressive dogs or those with a bite history. Please Contact Us for more information.

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