Auto Dealership Insurance Update – Insurance Carriers Raise Rates on Dealer Tags Again!

 In Auto Dealer Insurance, Baltimore Commercial Insurance

DealershipLotAuto Dealers have to have a particular type of insurance that the Luray Insurance company provides:  Car Dealership Insurance.  And as with all types of insurance there are lots of questions.  It’s smart to work with agents who have experience with what you are dealing with when it comes to your insurance.  Here’s an example of how my understanding runs deeper than the regular insurance agent:

My phone is ringing again from auto dealers and auto wholesalers who are seeing 10% to 25% rate increases at renewal time for insuring their dealer tags. The number of carriers willing to insure auto dealers is shrinking annually. The ones that remain are increasing rates and surcharging heavily those without 3 years of experience. At Luray & Associates Inc., we can help.  We offer several carriers who want your business and can potentially provide lower rates. Call us for a no obligation quote at 410-602-2636 or our online form.

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