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It happened again just yesterday, I received a call from an investor who purchased a Builder’s Risk (vacant) Insurance policy from another agent and sadly found out the hard way that it did NOT include any Theft Coverage. The workman showed up at the property and found that all of the copper piping and cabinets had been ripped out and stolen. Even worse, they now had a water claim as well. They wanted to know if I could help them.  ABSOLUTELY I told them, and I am now writing ALL of their Rehab insurance. They were more than happy to change insurance agents when I told them we happily offer theft coverage on our Builder’s Risk policies. Some of our carriers even offer water damage. Guess what, it wasn’t much more expensive than what they were already paying. Make sure you have the RIGHT insurance, not just the cheapest insurance. Not all policies are the same as these people just found out. Call us at 410-602-2636 to discuss all of your rental property insurance needs or check out our website at Ask us about lead paint insurance and our famous RENT PROTECT product as well.

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