Lead Paint On WindowsIf you are a Landlord in Baltimore City or Baltimore County it’s important to be fully insured against the potential danger that a lead paint lawsuit could inflict on you, your personal and family wealth and your business.  We understand Baltimore City Lead Paint laws as well as anyone and can help you get the insurance you may need.  We are the authority – the go-to insurance agency in Baltimore dealing with Lead Paint Insurance.

I get asked about lead paint almost every day, and what’s available to help cover Property Owners and Landlords.  Your insurance agent may tell you that there’s nothing available, but that may not be correct.  Depending on your situation and the number of properties you own, there may be coverage for Maryland Qualified Offer, Legal Fees and More.

It’s important to note that the Lead Paint Laws have changed.  You need an insurance agent who is familiar with the latest news and policies that are available.  you may be eligible for a policy with full lead paint liability.  Let’s talk about your options.

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