Danger Sign BoardIf you are in an industry that requires professional liability insurance (Accountants, Dentists, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Property Managers, Veterinarians, Title Insurance Companies, Etc.), we recommend that you buy it, but NOT over the web.  You need a true professional who understands how to deal with your particular situation.  Steve Luray has over 20 years of experience with access to multiple carriers, multiple products and tons of information about lots of different industries.

Think about your situation now and talk to us before there is an issue.  After you have a claim is too late to find out that you have the wrong coverage!

Let’s talk about an example of why you might wanA Beautiful Bungalow Designt to have coverage.  Say you are a Property Manager or Realtor who sold someone a house.  They then come down with lead poisoning and sue you.  Why?  They claim that you failed to disclose the possible existence of lead paint.  While you battle the lawyers, our clients are assisted when this type of thing happens.  One of our carriers has a limited environmental endorsement to cover this expensive possibility.

We also carry all of the associated products, such as bonds, business owner policies, worker compensation insurance, etc. that you may need in your business. Please Contact Us if you need to discuss your Professional Liability Insurance.

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