Are you paying too much for your worker’s compensation insurance?

Not all insurance representatives are created equally. Luray Insurance of Maryland specializes in Workers Compensation Insurance. Our clients often pay less – sometimes a lot less – than other companies’ clients.Danger Hard Hat Area Sign Board

What makes us different? We specialize in working with Contractors and have several carriers with great rates for different contracting classes. We compare them to each other to get you the best rate. The average insurance agent does not have access to all of these carriers and as a result, you end up paying less when you use us.

We are the go-to insurance agency for Workers Compensation Insurance here in Baltimore.
Our clients are often surprised that our rate is 1/2 the rate they are currently paying and wish they had shopped their insurance earlier.

Worker’s Compensation insurance is required by the State of Maryland. If you don’t have it and they catch you, it is a $5,000 fine PER EMPLOYEE!

Who’s Covered?

It’s important for us to discuss with you if a person is an employee of yours or not. Just because you are paying on a 1099 basis for a particular employee does not mean they are not employees and need to be covered by you for the purposes of Workers Compensation.


We’ll talk to you about your Sub-Contractors and if they are properly insured. We work with our clients to discuss the status or needs of subcontractors and employees and how they should be covered.
We’ll go over all of these situations and more to make sure you’re adequately protected.

What’s the Real Deal with Worker’s Comp?

There are 2 components of Workers Compensation insurance: Health and Lost Wages. If your employees are injured they’ll likely have medical bills. Eventually, your insurance will pay a “Bodily Injury Settlement” based on these medical bills. If your employees are injured, they’ll likely have to stay home anDanger Sign Boardd miss work, resulting in lost wages. Workers Compensation insurance covers you there as well, providing for coverage on lost wages.

Falling off a ladder, tripping over a nail on stairs, your secretary not looking and tripping over a file cabinet resulting in a broken kneecap, hurting your back installing a well – all of these are examples of Workers Compensation insurance claims waiting to happen.

Luray Insurance offers great payment options in addition to finding you the correct policy. The cost of these policies might be more than you want to spend, but we offer terrific payment options to help you with your cash flow. Believe us, it’s much better to have a small payment now than a huge payment later if you don’t have this insurance.

Contact us now for more information on Workers Compe;nsation Insurance for General Contractors.

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