Understanding the Appropriate Cyber Insurance Policy in Baltimore

With companies around the world being so reliant on technology, cybercrime has never been higher. It has particularly been tough for Baltimore businesses, and Luray & Associates Inc, is here to help with all your cyber insurance coverage needs.

Why Should You Care About Preventing a Cyber Attack?

Cyber attacks can devastate a Baltimore business to cause them to close their doors permanently. Hackers are smart and can get into your systems in many ways. Sometimes your current or former employees are the sources of data breaches. From sending phishing emails to putting ghost files on your computers and anything in between, it only takes one misstep to experience serious consequences.

Depending on the type of business, a cyberattack could mean losing all your confidential company files. Even worse, a data breach could give a hacker access to all your customers’ information, which can be challenging to recover from when you consider your company’s reputation.

Invest in the Right Cyber Security Insurance Policy

Luray & Associates wants to protect your company before you experience a data breach. Some of the components in a cyber insurance policy include:

  • Covering money stolen
  • The cost of notifying clients
  • The cost of monitoring services for clients
  • Working on behalf of clients to speak with credit agencies
  • Repair or replacement of computers, programs, or data

Cyber security insurance is critical today. Investing in ransomware protection is essential, but having ransomware insurance is also valuable. Without the appropriate data breach insurance, you could be risking your entire business.

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