If you’re a General Contractor, you may have experienced the annoyance and difficulty of purchasing General Contractors Insurance.  If you’ve called your insurance agent and they said “We don’t insure General Contractors”, please Call Us.  We love General Contractors and we understand and can insure them.At The Construction Site, Two Engineers Are Discussing A Blueprint.

General Contractor Rates and Certificate of Insurance

Our rates can start as low as $1,500 per year.  We can put together packages that include worker’s compensation, business, auto, and even umbrella insurance coverage.  We issue Certificates of Insurance quickly so you can get paid for your jobs.

We can also work with your sub-contractors to make sure they have the right insurance as well.  Call Luray Insurance at 410-602-2636 directly to learn more about our General Contractors Insurance for Maryland and Baltimore-based General Contractors.  Or complete the form below and a Luray Insurance representative will get back to you shortly.

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